Univet launches SanKind Hand Sanitiser

Sankind Hand Sanitiser by Univet Ltd contains 75% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol

Univet is delighted to announce the launch of our new hand sanitiser, SanKind. SanKind is our laboratory tested, pH neutral sanitising agent formulated by our in-house expert team of pharmacists and scientists.

The core formula is based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation, containing 75% (v/v) Isopropyl Alcohol. Sankind contains additional moisturising agents and alongside its neutral pH ensures an even spread with a comfortable experience.


SanKind’s quick-drying capabilities leaves hands feeling soft and sanitised in nanoseconds.


SanKind’s effectiveness has been accurately proven and tested. Sankind killed 100% of the most commonly encountered human pathogens at levels up to 1000 times that of which is normally found on the hands using only 1ml of product at time zero.

– Univet.ie


Univet has challenged Sankind and proven its effectiveness by our expert microbiological team against a broad range of commonly encountered human pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Fungi’s such as Aspergillus Niger and Candida Albicans and Viruses.


Our expertise not only guarantees a safe and efficacious product but is designed to eliminate the threat of bacteria, viruses and fungi to those closest to you; without the harshness of the traditional formulas.



How to use SanKind Hand Sanitiser




Average drying time for Sankind is 15 seconds, in line with WHO recommendation for contact time for hand sanitiser.  SanKind our clinically tested formulation offered from our family to yours!

For more detailed product information please see the product information for SanKind Hand Sanitiser


You can now buy Sandkind Hand Sanitiser online

Univet launches SanKind Hand Sanitiser
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An incredible rural success story

Rural enterprises face tougher challenges than urban businesses but there are success stories out there – and they don’t go unnoticed.

Tullyvin, a village close to Cootehill in Co. Cavan, lies on the periphery yet not one but two government ministers paid a visit on February 25 this year to see for themselves the success story that is Univet.

Those senior government people – the Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, and the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys – were more than impressed with what they encountered.

Given its location in a rural idyll, it comes as no surprise to learn that Univet is in the business of veterinary pharmaceuticals. But this is a company with a global outlook, so much so, that three-quarters of its output is exported.

A family business that was established in 1978, Univet has retained its traditional values despite quite significant growth. The company has enjoyed a 27% increase in full-time staff since 2017 and seen average job growth of 15% in the past five years. Not alone does Univet provide opportunities locally but it manages to maintain loyalty among its staff, with an average retention rate of 15 years.


Univet and Government ministers standing on stairs

Some of the staff of Univet with the group that visited the company on Monday evening with Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation Heather Humphreys TD and Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform, Paschal Donohoe TD. ©Rory Geary/The Northern Standard

That’s real success in a part of Ireland that, like many others of a rural nature, can suffer a brain drain as many of its best and brightest are drawn to positions in the bigger urban areas.

Speaking to those loyal staff, Ministers Donohoe and Humphreys were left in no doubt that Univet is a great company to work for. It boils down to the fact that the Crowe family, many of whom are still involved in the enterprise, have worked hard to build trust locally. This is a trait that works right around the world.

The future

From a small acorn, Univet has grown into a big tree, and the company is not resting on its laurels. Planning for the future has always been part of the brief, and to that end it’s currently extending its manufacturing facility.

All of the company’s products – sterile injections, intramammaries, anthelmintics, oral powders, premixes and nutritional supplements providing cost-effective, superior quality treatments for a variety of livestock conditions – are manufactured at a dedicated GMP compliant facility in Tullyvin, about 18km from Cavan town.

From there, thanks to distribution contracts with trusted partners, the products are shipped around the globe to markets as diverse as Albania, Kenya, Taiwan, Syria and around the Middle East, to mention just a few.

Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys with staff from Univet Ltd.

New products in the pipeline include an antibiotic-based intramammary and oxytetracycline injection for new markets, while the company is investing in green energy and lean warehouse solutions, and has identified a gap in the market to offer laboratory testing services.

The government’s Action Plan for Rural Development focuses on both the economic and social development of rural Ireland and the regions, and Ministers Donohoe and Humphreys were lucky enough to see the reality of that on their recent visit to Univet.

One feels there’ll be many more visits in the future to deliver the ministerial seal of approval that is so richly deserved.

An incredible rural success story
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