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Liver fluke treatment for cattle and sheep

Liver fluke disease is a well-known parasitic infection of cattle and sheep which can cause serious production losses in these animals. The first question is: why is it necessary to control this disease? The immediate response may be that liver fluke can kill sheep, which is certainly true, but this is probably one of the

Rehydration therapy for scour

In calves and during the weaning period in pigs Scour occurs when the gut becomes compromised and calves lose proper functioning of the intestine, resulting in diarrhoea and loss of fluids. This is the most common health problem affecting calves, especially in the first six weeks of their life. Your browser does not support the

Chlortetracycline and Respiratory Disease in young cattle

Cyton Biosciences review of in feed chlortetracycline treatment of young cattle to investigate effects on animal health and antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli due to apparently metaphylactic use in the early stages of a respiratory disease outbreak Agga GE, Schmidt JW, Arthur TM. 2016. Effects of in-feed chlortetracycline prophylaxis in beef cattle on animal health and

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