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Sulfoprim 21% w/w Premix for medicated feed


Product Description

Sulfoprim 21% w/w contains Sulphadiazine 178.4g and Trimethoprim 35.6g per kg and is a premix for medicated feed for the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria sensitive to potentiated sulphonamide preparations.



Dose & Administration

  • 30 mg of combined actives per kg bodyweight daily for five days.

Inclusion Rates

Age of Pig (weeks – kg)Average Feed intake – kg feed/dayInclusion rate
8 weeks (20 kg bodyweight)1 kg2.8 kg per tonne
12 weeks (30 kg bodyweight)1.5 kg2.8 kg per tonne
14 weeks (45 kg bodyweight)2.0 kg2.8 kg per tonne
16 weeks (60 kg bodyweight)2.5 kg2.8 kg per tonne
  • To achieve the above dose, mix into the feed at the following inclusion rates to provide approximately 25mg per kg bodyweight Sulphadiazine and 5mg per kg bodyweight Trimethoprim.
  • Treatment should continue for five days.



Meat and Offal
10 days after last treatment

Additional Info

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Legal Category: POM
Licence  Number (Ireland): 10990/025/001