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Sacrolyte Calf

Product Description

Sacrolyte calf is used to stabilise the water and electrolyte imbalance that occurs in calves during periods of stress, such as weaning or digestive disturbance (diarrhoea) during illness. Diarrhoea or scour prevents the absorption of fluids and essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the intestine.  This will leave the scouring animal weak and dehydrated.

Sacrolyte calf is composed of easily absorbable carbohydrate, chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements which offers a simple solution to replace these vital minerals and electrolytes lost during this period. It also possesses a unique gelling agent which has the ability to retain water and slows down the movement of undigested food through the gut.



Dose & Administration

  • Add the contents of one scoop (100g) to 2.5 litres (½ gallon) of water or milk/milk replacer and mix thoroughly while adding;
  • This amount should be fed twice daily for two days or more, if necessary;


Dextrose (carbohydrate source), sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Sodium Citrate, Mono-potassium phosphate, Fractionated coconut oil

VitaminsAdditives (per Kg)
Vitamin B1750 mg
Vitamin B21100 mg
Vitamin B6400 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate1500 mg
Gelling agentAdditives (per Kg)
Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (E464)80 g


Meat and Offal
0 days.

0 days.

Additional Info

packsize_small  Pack Size

Pack Size: 15x100g Sachets, 50x100g Sachets, 3kg (30x100g scoops)

Discard unused solution 24 hours after use.