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Growvite Vitamin E & Selenium

Product Description

Growvite vitamin E & Selenium drench is an oral liquid supplying Vitamin E & Selenium.  These nutrients are essential to ensure you have healthy pigs, poultry cattle and sheep.  Selenium plays a complementary role with vitamin E in preventing cell membrane damage, which if allowed, can result in poor immunity and muscle tissue (skeletal, heart) damage in growing calves, sheep and pigs.

Selenium levels in the herd are dependent on the levels in the soil, if soils are classed as deficient, they will not provide enough selenium to meet the requirements of the animals grazing on its pastures.  Selenium-Vitamin E deficiency may also cause an increase in stillbirth rate or the birth of weak offspring unable to suck unaided. Studies have shown that supplementation with Selenium & vitamin E pre-partum has reduced the incidence of retained placenta, cystic ovaries and metritis in cattle and sheep.


Pigs, Poultry, Cattle and Sheep

Instructions for Proper Use

  • Sows and gilts:
    • 3ml per 50kg bodyweight or 15ml per sow per day or
    • a single dose of 100ml per sow or gilt 7 days apart;
  • Pigs and Poultry: 150ml per 200L of drinking water
  • Calves: 15ml as a single oral drench 7 days apart;
  • Cattle & Cows:
    •  5ml per day in water or
    • a single dose of 25ml 7 days apart;
  • Sheep:
    •  2ml per day in water or
    • 10ml as an oral drench 7 days apart;


Growvite Vitamin E + Sel should be administrated with care and can be given by adding to the feed on an individual basis, added to the water or as a single oral drench.


Propylene Glycol (Propane-1, 2 diol), Sodium chloride;

Additives per ml
Vitamin E100mg
E8 Selenium (as Sodium Selenite)200mcg

Additional Info

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