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CTC 10% w/w premix for medicated feed


Product Description

CTC 10% w/w premix for medicated feed contains Chlortetracycline hydrochloride 100mg/g and is indicated as an aid in the treatment of respiratory disease in calves caused by Pasteurella spp. and the treatment of respiratory disease in pigs caused by micro-organisms sensitive to Chlortetracycline. Chlortetracycline has a broad spectrum of activity, including Gram-positive aerobes, Gram-negative anaerobes and Mycoplasmas.


Calves less than 6 months of age and pigs.

Dose & Administration

  • 20mg Chlortetracycline per kg bodyweight for seven days

Equivalent dose of CTC 10% Premix

  • 20g of CTC 10% premix per 100 kg bodyweight for seven days
  • CTC 10% premix should first be mixed with 50kg feed before incorporating into the final feed

Treatment Guide

Bodyweight (kg) - CalfAverage Feed Intake Kg feed/dayInclusion Rate
100g0.8 kg25 kg per tonne
200g1.6kg25 kg per tonne


Age of Pig (weeks – kg)Average feed intake Kg feed/dayInclusion Rate
8 weeks (20 kg bodyweight)1 kg4 kg per tonne
12 weeks (30 kg bodyweight)1.5 kg4 kg per tonne
14 weeks (45 kg bodyweight)2 kg4 kg per tonne
16 weeks (60 kg bodyweight2.5 kg4 kg per tonne


Meat and Offal 
Calves: 35 days
Pigs: 6 days

Additional Info

packsize_small  Pack Size

25 kg


Legal Category: POM
Licence  Number (Ireland): 10990/039/001